• Cleaner Air. Ionizing air purifiers have been installed on all of our furnaces throughout the building, which are circulating and cleaning the air 24/7. These purifiers use positive and negative ions to charge the air as it passes through, killing mold, bacteria and viruses, as well as reducing allergens, odors and other airborne particles.

  • Directional Markings. We have placed directional markings in our entryways, lobby and auditorium to keep all foot traffic heading in the same direction.

  • Social Distancing. While in our building, everyone is encouraged to maintain 6' distance between households, whether seated in the auditorium or getting to and from their seats.

  • Sanitation. Our building is cleaned professionally each week, and all high-touch surfaces are also sanitized weekly. We provide sterilizing wipes for levers and handles, etc. in each restroom and in the lobby, as well as instructions on safe sterilizing practices. 

  • Health Screening.  Upon arrival at our Sunday morning service, each person has their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees is not allowed in the building, and is encouraged to watch online from home until they are feeling better.


  • Preregistration. We encourage everyone to preregister to attend our Sunday morning service. This helps us plan the seating for proper social-distancing, and could also help us contact our attendees in the unlikely event of a COVID exposure. Important to note is that, to date, we are unaware of a single incident of COVID exposure in our building.

  • Face Coverings. Until such time as our mask requirement is lifted, each person that enters our building is required to wear either a mask or face shield for the entire time they are in the building. A paper mask will be provided to those without one, and those who cannot or will not wear a face covering will be required to leave, for their own safety and the safety of all of our attendees. We do not offer a medical exemption at this time, but we do stream our services online each week via our website, YouTube and Facebook for those who cannot attend in person.

  • Hygiene. We have several hand sanitization stations throughout the building, and encourage everyone to "gel in and gel out." We have also replaced all bathroom towel dispensers with pull-down models that do not require touch.

  • Paper Handouts. For the time being, we are not using paper handouts and programs. We are encouraging people to go to our website for information and to contact us if they have any questions, as well as to submit prayer requests and register to attend our services.

  • Communion Services. At TPC, we observe communion (the Lord's Supper) every other Sunday. At this time, each guest grabs an individually-sealed juice and wafer packet before entering the auditorium, instead of filing past our communion tables during the service.

  • Tithes and Offerings.  We encourage giving through a variety of electronic channels, and there are also stationary collection baskets in the auditorium. At this time, offering baskets are not being passed.

  • Food & Beverages. We have temporarily suspended our Sunday morning Coffee & Goody time while the face covering requirement is in effect. 


  • Kids and Youth. At this time, all TPC Kids and Youth classes and programs in the building are cancelled. Some teachers/leaders do remain in touch with their students via Zoom. On Sunday mornings, parents are asked to keep their children with them in the auditorium. The Infants and Toddlers classrooms have had most toys removed, but they are available for parents to use if they need to take their children out of the auditorium during the service. Parents must supervise their children at all times, and are asked to sanitize any surfaces their children touch while in the classroom.

  • LifeGroups. All LifeGroups are allowed to meet at the discretion of their leaders and members, some via Zoom, and some in the building following all TPC face covering and sanitation guidelines.


If you'd like information on COVID-19 statistics, vaccines, precautions, etc., please check out the following resources:

Washington State Coronavirus Response (COVID-19) website

Coronavirus U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


Send them our way.


Sundays, 10:30 AM

(Registration & face shields or masks required for in-person attendance)

Streaming online on website under WATCH, on YouTube and Facebook live.


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