Senior Pastor

Rod grew up as the oldest of four in a pastor's home. His father has faithfully preached God’s Word all his life and is still ministering to people. Though this was an awesome environment, Rod noticed that ministry was hard and learned that it should be avoided until one couldn’t resist the call. That is usually when God’s call is found. So he resisted.

He used his interest in cars to foster a career in the automotive business while still in high school. He began washing cars and then moved up to parts and service management, eventually spending a couple of years as a district manager with a larger auto manufacturer.

Rod received his bachelor’s degree in Communications/Broadcasting from Judson Baptist College. He also studied Theology at Western Baptist Seminary, and later at Regent College in Vancouver, BC.

While still in the car business, he began sensing God shifting his interests, until one day he could resist no longer! Through a series of "God events," he moved his family to Bellingham to serve as an associate pastor. Once there, he received solid mentoring in pastoral ministry and had a chance to sharpen his ability to preach the Bible in a street-level-make-sense-to-everyone fashion.

After several years, Rod and his lovely wife Shelley sensed God calling them to Kent, WA to plant TurningPoint. Ironically, God used a serious eye injury and some wise counsel to give them a vision for a different style of ministry ~ one that God could use to rescue those who didn’t feel like they could return to church after their lives fell apart ~ a church where people could belong before they believed.


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