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“Disappointment with God:
Three Questions

No One Asks Aloud”

By Philip Yancey

Our new Thursday book study begins February 4, with an introductory Zoom meeting on January 28 at 7:00pm. If you are interested in attending the introductory meeting, please click here to register and receive a link. 

Have you ever been disappointed with God? Noted author Philip Yancey deals honestly with the large gap that often happens between what Christians expect from their faith and what they actually experience.

From “unanswered prayers” to lack of dramatic evidence of God working in their lives, too many have fallen away, keeping their God-disappointments hidden away, believing there was either something wrong in what they’d been told in countless sermons and books, or there was something wrong with them.

Working from real-life situations, Yancey searches for answers to questions that stir strong inside many Christians, but are seldom voiced: Why does God seem inconsistent? Why doesn’t He guide more clearly? Why is God silent?

Relying heavily on Scripture, Yancey finds answers in a number of places, especially through his thoughtful analysis of the suffering of Job. His insights offer surprising answers, encouragement and comfort, while offering a reasoned explanation of why God allows losses in the first place.

To strengthen your faith, even in difficult times, we cannot recommend this book enough. Please join hosts Gilbert Aguilar, Chaplain at Emerald Downs, and Karen Shepherd, for this Thursday online-only book study via Zoom video conferencing. There will be an introductory meeting on January 28, with the actual study beginning on February 4.

Disappointment with God: Three Questions No One Asks Aloud is available through Amazon. Our TPC affiliate link to purchase through Amazon is here. A free audio version is also available through the King County Library System.


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